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Air Source Heat Pumps In Bacup (ASHP’s)

Are you looking for a more sustainable way to heat your home? If so you have come to the right place, A Mellor Plumbing & Heating are experts in renewable energy solutions specialising in installing and maintaining air source heat pumps in Bacup and throughout Lancashire. Traditional heating systems can be unpredictable, expensive to run, and produce lots of harmful emissions. Air source heat pumps offer an efficient and affordable alternative. 

Our team can handle the entire installation process from start to finish, so all you have to focus on is enjoying your new heat pump system. There are many reasons to make the switch to an air source heat pump including: 

Extended lifespan: With a traditional boiler you will get a 12-year lifespan if you’re lucky with an ASHP, you will get nearly double that. They often last 20 years or more before they need to be replaced.

Low maintenance: Once your ASHP is installed it requires very little maintenance. Often all that’s needed is a quick inspection every now and again gone are the times of costly regular maintenance and frequent breakdowns that you experience with traditional gas or LPG heating systems.

Reduced heating bills: As heat pump systems don’t burn any fossil fuels to heat your home, you can say bye to costly gas heating bills, saving you money on your home’s heating bills.

Return on investment (ROI): When you install an ASHP you add value to your property making it a sound investment and an attractive prospect to future potential buyers or renters. Government grants: There are many government schemes available to help with the installation of your ASHP with grants of up to £7500. Our team can even help you with the application process.

Eco-friendly: Heat pump systems don’t burn any fossil fuels when supplying your home with heat. This adds up to a 75% reduction in the amount of Co2 emissions they produce.

At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating we are passionate about climate change and by choosing a greener energy solution you are showing your dedication to delivering a better environment for generations to come. Our engineers are fully trained and have many years of experience installing and maintaining air source heat pumps, so you know that your heat pump system will be installed to the highest possible industry standard.

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For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to our heat pump experts today, you can call us on 01706 351006. Your local air source heat pump installers & systems experts working throughout Bacup & surrounding areas. 

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump installations, systems & maintenance in Bacup.
Heat Pump

Your Local Air Source Heat Pump Experts Bacup.

We have been proudly serving all our customers in the local Bacup community and the wider Lancashire area for many years, offering bespoke plumbing and heating services that are high quality yet affordable whether you have a general plumbing problem or need an air source heat pump installed. We have a service to meet your needs. 

There are many reasons we are the number one plumbing and heating company including: 

Start to finish installation: We make sure your heat pump installation is seamless. At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating we are a fully qualified and experienced team of installers. We will manage the entire process from start to finish, helping you choose the right system for your property, assisting you in applying for available grants, and completing the installation quickly and efficiently.

Bespoke systems: We understand every home is different and has different and unique heat requirements. That’s why our renewable energy experts will carry out a detailed assessment of your property before designing a unique heat pump system that will heat your home perfectly.

Excellent reputation: We put exceptional customer service before anything we do. This can clearly be seen in the many 5-star reviews we have received from our customers. They can be viewed at

Affordable pricing: We are proud to offer all our customers industry-leading services that don’t break the bank. We keep a close eye on our competitors to make sure our prices stay competitive at all times.

At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating we have 3 principles at the core of everything we do: honesty, transparency, and exceptional customer service. We believe this is what sets us apart from our competition and helps us remain the number one choice for plumbing and heating companies in the local Bacup area.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP’s) Work?

1. An air source heat pump takes in air from outside to heat a liquid refrigerant.

2. Using electricity, the pump compresses the liquid to increase its temperature. This then condenses back into a liquid to release stored heat.

3. Heat is sent to radiators or underfloor heating the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder.

4. Stored hot water can be used for showers, baths and taps.

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump, sometimes referred to as an air-to-water source heat pump, transfers heat from the outside air to water, which heats your rooms via radiators or underfloor heating.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Your local renewable energy experts covering Bacup & surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (Air Source Heat Pumps FAQ’s)

Q: Are all properties suitable for ASHP’s? A: They work in most properties, but without a visit from one of our renewable energy experts, we can’t answer the question accurately. The good news is our engineers can carry out an assessment of your property completely free of charge.

Q: How do the government-backed schemes work? A: The government run several schemes that help homeowners with the cost of installing greener energy solutions, like ASHP’s, our friendly customer care team can talk you through the various options and even help you with the application process.

Q: What is a heat pump system? A: ASHP’s are an eco-friendly energy solution that uses heat in the air outside your property to heat your home.

Q: How do they work? A: They work by extracting heat from the air outside your home and using it to heat your home and provide all your properties hot water needs.

Q: Is planning permission needed? A: Planning permission is not normally required to install an ASHP, but we would always advise that you check with your local authority just to double-check.

Q: How much does it cost to install an ASHP? A: We don’t offer a 1 size-fits-all ASHP system, we design bespoke systems that perfectly take care of all your home’s heating requirements, so we can’t accurately answer this question. But, you can arrange a visit from one of our specialist engineers who will be able to give you a highly competitive FREE no obligation quote.

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