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Solar PV Installations Manchester

Solar PV Installations Across Manchester.

Solar PV Installations Manchester

At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating, we are experts in renewable energy solutions. We specialise in installing and maintaining solar PV in Manchester, throughout Lancashire & other areas of the UK. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, investing in solar PV is a smart move. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but saves you money on your energy bills. Plus, any excess energy generated can be sold back to the grid, giving you a potential source of income.

We are experts when it comes to solar PV installations, working across Greater Manchester & beyond. 

Adding solar PV to your property is a sound investment. It not only adds value to your home but offers a healthy return on investment. Our skilled team of engineers are experts in renewable energy solutions. They will carry out an in-depth assessment of your property and provide you with the perfect eco-friendly energy source to meet your individual needs and budget. 

We offer a bespoke installation service that promises to meet the highest possible industry standards while remaining cost-effective. By investing in solar PV, you are committing to a more sustainable future.

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We also provide a complete installation service to make sure your solar panels are working at their optimum levels. For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us on 01706 351006 or email a member of our team:

Solar PV Installs

State of the art Solar Installs from A Mellor Plumbing & Heating
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Solar Panel Experts Manchester

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

Working Across Manchester - A Mellor Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd

At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating, we are passionate about offering renewable energy solutions to all our customers. Our aim is to help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower the cost of your energy bills by installing green energy systems like solar PV and air source heat pumps. We have glowing reviews from our customers who have chosen these routes, which can be viewed on 

We are a family-run business that has been supplying our plumbing and heating services to Manchester and the wider UK areas for over 20 years. We are committed to providing industry-leading services that offer high levels of workmanship to both homeowners and businesses alike.

Our expert team is fully qualified with many years of invaluable experience. We aim to surpass our customer’s expectations with any work that we carry out. We use only the very best materials and equipment to ensure our work is made to last. From blocked pipes to solar PV installations, A Mellor Plumbing & Heating is on hand to offer our expertise and support.

Solar PV Installations Manchester

A Mellor Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer solar PV installations in Manchester and throughout other areas of Lancashire & the UK. As a family-run business, customer satisfaction means a lot to us. We strive for nothing less than excellence. We offer renewable energy solutions from solar PV installations, solar thermal installations, and air source heat pumps.

How Does Solar PV (SPV) Work?

1. Sunlight Absorption: Solar PV panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, typically composed of silicon. When sunlight hits these cells, they absorb the energy from photons (particles of sunlight).

2. Electron Excitation: The energy from absorbed photons excites the electrons within the silicon cells, causing them to become energised.

3. Current Generation: The energised electrons create an electric current by moving through the semiconductor material in the solar cell.

4. Direct Current (DC) Output: The electricity generated by the solar cells is in the form of direct current (DC), which is similar to the type of electricity produced by batteries.

5. Inverter Conversion: To make the electricity usable, the DC electricity is passed through an inverter. The inverter converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC), which is the standard form of electricity used in most household appliances and the grid.

6. Utility or Local Use: The converted AC electricity can be used to power electrical devices and appliances within the home or business, reducing the need for electricity from the grid.

7. Grid Connection (if applicable): If the SPV system generates excess electricity, it can be fed back into the grid, allowing homeowners or businesses to earn credits or compensation from the utility company through net metering or feed-in tariffs

Solar PV Panels Manchester

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.
Solar Panels Manchester

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Solar PV

Q: Is solar PV suitable for all properties?
A: SPV can be installed on most property types. Our expert team will carry out a full assessment to make sure it will operate efficiently in your home.

Q: What government grants or financial support is available for an SPV installation?
A: There are several government grants and schemes available to support the installation of renewable technologies like SPV. Our friendly team can talk you through the options available and help with the application process.

Q: How long does an installation take?
A: The installation time can vary depending on a few different factors like the type of property you live in, but on average, it takes 2-4 days to install. We aim to ensure minimal disruption during the process.

Q: Will I need planning permission?
A: If you are installing SPV on your roof you don’t typically need planning permission as it falls under ‘permitted development’.

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If you would like a quote for solar PV in Manchester, or for information about our renewable energy solutions, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you
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