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Solar PV Installations Prestwich

Solar PV Installations, Panels & Systems Across Prestwich.

Solar PV Installations In Prestwich

A Mellor Plumbing & Heating are your award-winning renewable energy experts offering our solar PV installations to all our customers in Prestwich. Our bespoke solar PV systems have helped customers achieve energy independence and significantly reduce their energy bills by generating their own clean free energy.

Our dedication to sustainable energy and efficiency has not only earned us the prestigious Gold Energy Efficiency Award but also the trust of countless homeowners looking to make the switch to greener energy solutions. Our expert engineers have carried out solar PV installations in homes of all different shapes and sizes throughout Greater Manchester, leaving every customer 100% satisfied with our service.

At A Mellor Plumbing & Heating, our solar PV systems are designed to meet the unique needs of each property, ensuring optimal performance and maximum energy savings. By making the jump to solar energy, you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. It feels great to know you’re doing your bit in the fight against climate change. Arrange your free no-obligation quote today by contacting our knowledgeable customer care team.

Solar Panel Installs & Systems Prestwich

We provide a complete solar installation, panels & systems service. working in and around Prestwich to make sure your solar panels are working at their optimum levels. 

For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us on 01706 351006.

Solar PV Installs Prestwich

State of the art Solar PV Installations & systems from A Mellor Plumbing & Heating covering Prestwich.
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Solar Panel Experts Prestwich

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

Why Choose A Solar PV System?

Choosing solar PV installations offers many fantastic benefits, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to harness clean, renewable energy:

Contribution to Local Economy: Investing in solar energy supports the growth of the renewable energy sector, creates green jobs, and contributes to local economic development.

Scalability: Our solar PV systems are designed to meet current energy needs and can easily be expanded in the future if your energy demands increase, providing flexibility to grow with your needs.

Energy Cost Savings: Solar PV systems generate free electricity from sunlight, significantly reducing your reliance on the power grid and lowering your monthly energy bills.

Environmental Impact: By producing clean, renewable energy, solar PV installations reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to the fight against climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Energy Independence: Generating your own electricity decreases your dependence on the main power grid and protects you from rising energy prices, providing you with energy security.

Low Maintenance Requirements: Solar PV systems require minimal maintenance, typically just occasional cleaning and an annual service carried out by one of our solar technicians, making them a hassle-free renewable energy solution.

Choosing solar PV installations is not just an investment in your home, it’s an investment in a sustainable future, offering both immediate and long-term benefits for your wallet, your community, and the planet. For more information, contact our green energy experts on 01706 351006.

Why Choose A Mellor Plumbing & Heating For Solar PV Installations?

A Mellor Plumbing & Heating offers our award-winning renewable energy services to all our customers in Prestwich and throughout Greater Manchester our business is centred around high quality workmanship, affordability, and exceptional customer service. There are many reasons that we stand head and shoulders above our competitors, including:

Positive Impact: Our solar PV installations not only benefit you but also contribute to the wider community’s transition towards clean, renewable energy sources, reducing the collective carbon footprint.

Award-Winning Service: Our dedication to renewable energy solutions has been recognised with prestigious awards, such as the Gold Energy Efficiency Award, highlighting our commitment to excellence and leadership in the green energy sector.

Customised Solutions: We recognise that each property has unique energy needs. We offer bespoke solar PV installations, designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring your solar PV system can perfectly handle your homes’ energy consumption.

Transparent Pricing: We believe in honesty and transparency in our pricing. We provide clear, detailed quotes upfront, ensuring you understand the costs involved. We even offer an insight in to the expected savings on energy bills.

Comprehensive Service: From the initial consultation to post-installation support, we offer a seamless experience, managing all aspects of the installation with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Customer-Focused Approach: At the core of our business is a dedication to outstanding customer service. We prioritise clear communication and reliability, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory installation process. This is backed up by our many glowing reviews on

With us, you’re not just installing solar panels, you’re investing in a sustainable future, backed by a team dedicated to delivering the best in solar PV technology and customer service. Contact our customer care team today to arrange your free no-obligation quote. 

Solar PV Panels Prestwich

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.
Solar PV Installations Prestwich

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

How Does Solar PV (SPV) Work?

Solar PV systems (SPV) work by converting sunlight into electricity. Here’s a simplified overview of how these systems operate:

Solar Panels: The system starts with solar panels, which are made up of many solar cells. These cells are usually made from silicon, a material that can absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits the solar cells, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms, generating a flow of electricity.

DC to AC Conversion: The electricity generated by the solar panels is in direct current (DC) form, which is not directly usable by most home appliances, which typically require alternating current (AC). Therefore, an inverter is used to convert DC electricity into AC electricity.

Power Distribution: Once the electricity is converted to AC, it’s routed through your home’s electrical panel and distributed to power lights, appliances, and other devices. If your solar PV system produces more electricity than you need, the excess can be fed back into the power grid (in grid-tied systems), or stored in batteries for later use (in off-grid or hybrid systems).

Utility Meter and Grid Connection: In grid-tied systems, your home remains connected to the local power grid. This allows for the exchange of electricity between your solar PV system and the grid. When your system produces more power than you need, the surplus is sent to the grid, earning you credits or compensation from your utility company.

Solar PV systems are a sustainable way to generate electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. With advancements in technology, these systems are becoming more efficient and affordable, making solar PV installations an increasingly popular choice for renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions Solar PV Installations (SPV FAQ’s)

Q1: How do solar PV systems save money on electricity bills? A: Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight, which you can use to power your home, reducing the need to use electricity from the power grid. Any excess electricity can often be sold back to the grid, providing additional savings.

Q2: How long does a solar PV installation take? A: The actual installation of solar panels typically takes a few days. However, the total time from initial consultation to activation can vary based on site assessment, design, and grid connection processes.

Q3: Do I need planning permission for solar PV installation? A: In many areas, solar PV installations fall under permitted development rights and don’t need planning permission. However, it’s important to check local regulations, especially for listed buildings or conservation areas.

Q4: Can solar PV systems be installed on any type of roof? A: Solar PV systems can be installed on most roof types, including tile, metal, and flat roofs. The key factors are the roof’s strength, orientation, and the amount of sunlight it receives.

Q5: How can I start the process of getting a solar PV system installed? A: Simply contact us to arrange a free no-obligation quote. We’ll assess your energy needs, property suitability, and discuss the best solar PV options for you, guiding you through every step of the process.

Solar PV Panels Prestwich

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.
Enquire About Solar PV Installations In Prestwich

If you would like a quote for solar PV installations in Prestwich, or for information about our renewable energy solutions, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Simply fill in our contact form or call us directly on 01706 351006.

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