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Solar PV Installations Ramsbottom

Solar PV Installations & Systems Across Ramsbottom.

Solar PV Installations Ramsbottom

A Mellor Plumbing & Heating offer award-winning solar PV installations in Ramsbottom and throughout Greater Manchester. Are you looking to avoid the ever rising energy prices? If so, you came to right place, our solar PV systems allow our customers to generate their on electricity, granting energy independence and significantly lower utility bills.

Our expert renewable energy engineers have carried out solar PV installations in 100’s of homes throughout Lancashire, leaving every customer 100% happy with the service we provided. There are many benefits to installing a solar PV system including:

Energy Independence: By producing your own electricity, you become less dependent on the main power grid and less vulnerable to extortionate energy price increases. 

Increased Property Value: Homes with solar PV systems installed often see an increase in property value. Solar panels also make your property more attractive to potential buyers and renters.

Reliability and Durability: Solar panels are known for their durability and can last 25 years or more with minimal reduction in their performance. This long lifespan, combined with the low maintenance costs, makes solar PV a great long-term investment.

Reduced Energy Bills: Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight, which can significantly reduce your energy bills. The amount you save will depend on the size of your system and the amount of energy you use.

Eco-Friendly: Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that reduces your carbon footprint. By generating electricity without emitting greenhouse gases, it feels great to know you’re doing your bit in combating climate change.

Potential Second Income: Any extra energy that is produced can be sold back to the grid thanks to the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) offering you a way to earn money from your solar PV system.

We were recently recognised for our work in the renewable energy sector by receiving the prestigious Gold Energy Efficiency Award. This is something we are extremely proud of. By choosing A Mellor Plumbing & Heating, you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with one of the leading suppliers of sustainable energy solutions. Arrange your free no-obligation quote for solar PV by contacting our customer care team today.

Solar Panel Installs & Systems Ramsbottom

We provide a complete solar installation, panels & systems service. working in and around Ramsbottom to make sure your solar panels are working at their optimum levels. 

For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us on 01706 351006.

Solar PV Installs Ramsbottom

State of the art Solar PV Installations & systems from A Mellor Plumbing & Heating covering Ramsbottom.
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Solar Panel Experts Ramsbottom

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

How Does Solar PV (SPV) Work?

Solar PV systems work by harnessing the sun’s energy and turning it in to useable energy to power your home. Below is a more in-depth explanation of how they work:

Solar Panels: These are the main part of the system, composed of numerous solar cells made primarily from silicon. These cells convert sunlight into electrical energy by releasing electrons when exposed to sunlight, creating an electrical current.

Inverting DC to AC: The electrical current produced by solar panels is in direct current (DC) form. Since most household appliances operate on alternating current (AC), an inverter is necessary to transform DC into AC, making the electricity suitable for home use.

Distributing Power: The AC electricity is then directed into your home’s electrical system, powering everything from lights to appliances. Surplus electricity generated by your solar PV system can either be sent back to the grid in grid-connected setups, earning you money, or stored in battery systems for off-grid or hybrid configurations.

Connection to the Grid: For homes connected to the grid, the solar PV system integrates seamlessly, allowing for an exchange of electricity. Excess power generated can be exported back to the grid, potentially providing you with additional income.

Solar PV installations offer a green alternative for powering your home, cutting down on fossil fuel usage and contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions. Thanks to ongoing technological advancements, solar PV systems are more efficient and cost-effective than ever, making them the perfect solution for those looking to power their homes using renewable energy solutions.

Why Choose A Mellor Plumbing & Heating For Solar PV Installations?

A Mellor Plumbing & Heating is a well established company that has been supplying our high-end yet affordable plumbing and heating services to all our customers in Ramsbottom and throughout Greater Manchester for many years. We specialise in greener energy solutions such as solar PV installations. There are many reasons we stand out from the competition including:

Climate Warriors: By choosing A Mellor Plumbing & Heating for your solar PV needs, you’re contributing positively to the environment. Our installations not only reduce your carbon footprint but also improve renewable energy usage, paving the way for a more sustainable future in our community.

Comprehensive Service from Start to Finish: We offer an all-inclusive service from your first contact to the completion of your solar installation and beyond. Our full-service package covers everything from site evaluation and system design to installation and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition to solar energy.

Glowing Reputation: Honesty, transparency, and excellent customer service are the pillars of our business. This commitment is evident in the many 5-star reviews from satisfied customers on, showcasing our reputable service.

Recognised Excellence: Our commitment to sustainable energy has earned us the prestigious Gold Energy Efficiency Award, proof of our excellence in renewable energy projects and leadership in the green energy industry.

Tailored Solar Solutions: Recognising the unique energy demands of each household, we provide custom solar PV installations designed to perfectly handle your homes’ specific energy requirements and the layout of your property.

Expertise in Solar Technology: Our team is fully trained in the most advanced solar PV technologies, ensuring seamless installations with precision and professionalism. We guarantee optimal efficiency and peak performance for your solar panel system.

It’s easy to see why we are one of the leading solar PV installers in Lancashire. We have the knowledge, experience, and know how to carry out your installation seamlessly. We make sure that your solar PV system is perfectly set up to maximise performance and energy efficiency. Contact our friendly customer care team today to arrange a free no-obligation quote on 01706 351006.

Solar PV Panels Ramsbottom

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.
Solar PV Installations Ramsbottom

Our experienced and helpful solar installers and heating engineers will always be happy to assist you.

How Does Solar PV (SPV) Work?

Collection of sunlight: When the sun’s rays hit the thin layer of semiconductive material, it triggers the release of electrons from atoms. The negatively charged electrons are then attracted to the positively charged side of the cell.

Conversion from DC to AC: The electricity that is collected from the sun’s rays is in the form of DC (direct current) using an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current into AC (alternating current), the type of electricity used to power appliances within your home.

Distribution: The AC current is then sent to an electric panel which distributes the electricity to all your appliances as it’s needed.

Net metering: Your electric meter then records the amount of electricity that your home is using and any excess electricity that is generated is credited to your account through a process call net metering. 

Frequently Asked Questions Solar PV Installations (SPV FAQ’s)

Q1: Can solar panels really save me money? A: Absolutely! Solar panels cut down on your reliance on the power grid, reducing your electricity bills. Plus, any extra energy you produce can be sold back to the grid for a potential profit.

Q2: Do solar panels work on rainy days? A: Yes, they do. Solar panels need light, not necessarily direct sunshine, to work. So, even on cloudy or rainy days, they’ll still be generating power, just not as much as on a sunny day.

Q3: Is my home suitable for solar panels? A: Most homes can accommodate solar panels, but we’ll check things like roof space, angle, and shading to make sure solar is a good fit for your property.

Q4: How disruptive is the installation process? A: We aim to make your installation smooth and hassle-free. Most of the work is done outside, and we’ll work with you to pick the best time, so there’s minimal disruption to your day.

Q5: How long will my solar panel system last? A: Solar panels offer great lifespans and can last 25 years or more. They’re a fantastic long-term investment that pays for themselves over time.

Solar PV Panels Ramsbottom

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.
Enquire About Solar PV Installations In Ramsbottom

If you would like a quote for solar PV in Ramsbottom, or for information about our renewable energy solutions, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Simply fill in our contact form or call us directly on 01706 351006.

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