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Underfloor Heating

Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions

Underfloor heating solutions from A Mellor Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd, provide an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

It’s becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to install an efficient heating system tailored to their property’s needs.
Underfloor heating is an excellent solution for those looking to cut energy costs, as it provides comfortable and consistent heat without wasting energy. It also works well in smaller, low-ceilinged rooms and can be combined with other heating systems to create a unique heating solution.

Underfloor Heating Solutions

Heating systems tailored to their property's needs
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What are the different types of underfloor heating?

There are two main types of underfloor heating: electric and hydronic. Electric is installed directly beneath your floor covering and heats your room quickly and efficiently. Hydronic works by pumping hot water through piping that is embedded in the floor.
Before installing, it’s essential to consider the size and layout of your home and the floor coverings you’ll be using. It’s also necessary to ensure enough insulation in the floor and ceiling to ensure the heat isn’t wasted.

What is the main advantages?

Using radiant heat technology, UFH is more energy-efficient than other heating methods by directly warming the people and objects in the room from the ground up. With this increased efficiency, you can also look forward to significant savings on your heating bills.
Here are some other benefits:

It's the middle of winter, and getting out of bed is terrifying, but at least you can walk barefoot to the toilet without screaming. And stepping out of the shower onto the warm ground is just lovely.


You won't have sleepless nights about your kids or young family members bashing into sharp edges or burning their hands on hot radiators.

Easy to run

Requires minimal maintenance and often comes with a lifetime guarantee. No more pretending to know how to bleed the radiator.

Better heat efficiency

Heat is now evenly distributed around every room and works at a lower temperature than a traditional radiator, so your energy bills could come down. And your floors will stay warm even if the windows are open or the room is very draughty.

Increased home value

Because underfloor heating is desirable for home buyers, your property will be worth more when selling. It's not a lost investment if you move sooner than planned.

More space and design freedom

With no radiators and a remote heating system, you'll have more space on the walls.


To achieve the best results we recommend only using an experienced engineer familiar with the configuration and mechanics of underfloor heating.

advantage of underfloor heating
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